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Interview with Åsa Wikforss

Wikforss was interviewed about her Knowledge Resistance program in the blog Imperfect Cognitions – a Blog on delusions, memory distortions, confabulations, biases and irrational beliefs. “Importantly, knowledge resistance involves psychological mechanisms… Read More »Interview with Åsa Wikforss

Kathrin Glüer-Pagin in Lund

Kathrin Glüer-Pagin recently participated in Lund’s Filosofiska Föreningens last research seminar for the semester. Her talk was titled Reflections on Knowledge Resistance, Fact Polarization, and Motivated Reasoning. From the abstract:… Read More »Kathrin Glüer-Pagin in Lund

The Look of Fake News

In a just-published paper, KR researchers have studied the look of fake news, by reviewing earlier studies on this topic. This includes studies on the style of fake news writing,… Read More »The Look of Fake News