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Why Democracy? (Updated)

Åsa Wikforss has recently published a book of the title “Därför demokrati”. The book concerns the nature of democracy and the role of knowledge in its proper functioning. Here is a quick English translation of the book’s official “blurb”.

Democracy is the only form of government that puts its fate in our hands. Therein lies its great strength but also its great vulnerability. When misinformation and propaganda exploit this vulnerability, it is crucial that we are aware of the great value of democracy.

In Därför demokrati, Åsa Wikforss argues for the importance of knowledge to a well-functioning democracy. Knowledge is required to review the policies pursued, to achieve our goals, to make informed decisions, and to deal with disagreements. When conspiracy theories, knowledge resistance, and emotion-laden rhetoric take over, there is a risk that democracy is diminished, or that it collapses.

The book has emerged in dialogue with Åsa’s brother Mårten Wikforss, who also contributes brief reflections, spotlighting some of the crucial differences between dictatorship and democracy.