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Keynote on Science Denial and more

Åsa Wikforss has given a keynote speech for the National Science Centre of Poland on the 9th of September. The talk is titled “Science Denial in the Post-Truth Era”, and can be seen here (in English with a Polish translation).

Åsa Wikforss and Knowledge Resistance‘s Principal Investigators are very active in outreach, with multiple media appearances in the last few weeks. Here are their most recent media appearances (all in Swedish):

Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson

Comment on how politicians and other agents may magnify the public’s opposition to climate science and to climate response, on Vetenskapsradion Klotet. Audio (in Swedish) from September 8 (2021),

Jesper Strömbäck

Panel discussion on knowledge resistance, ‘AW med forskare – om kunskap, demokrati och fake news’ (with Marie Demker, Mattias Hagberg, and Mikael Klintman). Arranged by Gothenburg University and Folkuniversitetet. Video (in Swedish) from the 3rd of September (2021),

Torun Lindholm Öjmyr

Podcast interview (by Fritte Fritzson) on language and prejudices. The episode (in Swedish) is available for Apple Podcasts, for Acast, and for Google Podcasts.

Åsa Wikforss

Television interview in SVT Forum on the book Därför demokrati, on the 7th of September (2021). Video (in Swedish) is available here.

Public conversation (with Mikael Löfgren and Jens Ohlin, and with audience interaction), about the recent stage show Misantroperna, and issues about truth, on the 1st of September (2021). Arranged by Folkteatern. Information about the program (in Swedish) is available here.