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Roundup of academic talks

Apart from research publications, KR’s researchers regularly contribute research talks at conferences, workshops, etc., on a number of questions in KR’s remit – on rationality, polarisation, media use, reasoning, and… Read More »Roundup of academic talks

Conference Summary

KR’s large, mid-project conference titled Knowledge Resistance in High-Choice Information Environments was a unique cross-disciplinary event, with a diverse group of distinguished speakers, including Lisa Bortolotti, Kevin Dorst, Leor Zmigrod,… Read More »Conference Summary

Interview with Åsa Wikforss

Wikforss was interviewed about her Knowledge Resistance program in the blog Imperfect Cognitions – a Blog on delusions, memory distortions, confabulations, biases and irrational beliefs. “Importantly, knowledge resistance involves psychological mechanisms… Read More »Interview with Åsa Wikforss