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The researchers involved in the Knowledge Resistance program often participate in talks, lectures and discussions attended both by academic and general audiences. These are listed here by researcher and date.

Anandi Hattiangadi

A Debate with Simon Blackburn and Sophie Grace Chappell on the topic of ‘A Matter of Facts’ at HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, Hay-on-Wye, 22nd to 24th of May. (Due to Covid-19, this event will take place online.)

Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson

Digital lecture for LÀrarförbundet on polarization on September 28 (2021). Video (paid, Swedish) is available here:

Comment on how politicians and other agents may magnify the public’s opposition to climate science and to climate response, on Vetenskapsradion Klotet. Audio (in Swedish) from September 8 (2021),

Presentation on political polarization for DemokratinÀtverk 21 with a roundtable discussion. Video (in Swedish) uploaded on April 22 (2021),

Presentation of new data on trust, ‘Medieakademiens förtroendebarometer 2019’ (together with Toivo SjörĂ©n), broadcast live on SVT Forum, on March 21 (2019) and on March 11 (2020),

Jesper StrömbÀck

Panel discussion on knowledge resistance, ‘AW med forskare – om kunskap, demokrati och fake news’ (with Marie Demker, Mattias Hagberg, and Mikael Klintman). Arranged by Gothenburg University and Folkuniversitetet. Video (in Swedish) from the 3rd of September (2021),

Kathrin GlĂŒer Pagin

Seminar with talk, ‘Reflections on Knowledge Resistance, Fact Polarization, and Motivated Reasoning’ arranged by CEKAS in Aberdeen 30th of March (2022)

Åsa Wikforss

Panel / Seminar discussion (with Berit Larsson, Joel Halldorff, Anders Burman, and host Lena Ulrika Rudeke), ‘Oenighet – den enes dröm, den andres mardröm’. Göteborg Book Fair. Information and video (paid, Swedish) is available here.

Panel discussion (with Ola Larsmo and Sören Holmberg), ‘Demokratins utmaningar – om historien och framtiden’. Stockholms stadsbibliotek. Information (in Swedish) is available here.

Keynote speech, titled “Science Denial in the Post-Truth Era” at the 10th anniversary of the National Science Centre in Poland, on the 9th of September (2021). Program is available here and video (in English / Polish) is available here.

Television interview in SVT Forum on the book DÀrför demokrati, on the 7th of September (2021). Video (in Swedish) is available here.

Public conversation (with Mikael Löfgren and Jens Ohlin, and with audience interaction), about the recent stage show Misantroperna, and issues about truth, on the 1st of September (2021). Arranged by Folkteatern. Information about the program (in Swedish) is available here.

Panel discussion (with Björn Wiman, Erik Fichtelius, and Torbjörn Elensky), on ‘Democracy and its enemies’. Fri Tanke Förlag. Program (in Swedish) is available here.

Panel discussion (with Karin Tegmark-Wisell and Samuel Lagercrantz), ‘Det finns aktörer som vill undergrĂ€va tilliten’, Life Science Sweden. Text (in Swedish) is available here.

Lecture, ‘Faktaresistens och tillit – om den stora oenigheten’, on Knowledge Resistance, polarization, and democracy, with a Q&A session, at Internetstiftelsen / Goto 10. Video (in Swedish) is here.

Performance lecture, ‘Om sanning’ (On Truth), The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, ten performances November 2019 – February 2020. Video (in Swedish with English subtitles) can be found here.

Introduction to a workshop on ‘Workshop on knowledge resistance: Introduction’ at the Institute for Futures Studies. 2019-11-22. Video (in English) is available here, as well as multiple researcher talks on the topic.

Panel debate (with Sacha Golob, Steve Fuller, Peter Pomerantsev), ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Post-Truth’, HowTheLightGetsIn 2019, Philosophy Festival, London, 2019-09-22. Video available here on the Institute of Arts and Ideas Player.