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Researcher Profile

Alexander Stathopoulos

Program Administrator
Department of Philosophy
Stockholm University

I am the administrator for Knowledge Resistance, which means I am responsible for this website, for organizing meetings and events, and for keeping project members informed about what is happening in all areas of the project, among a number of other odd tasks. (Contact me if you have any question and I can hopefully at least set you off in the right direction.)

My background is in philosophy, with a focus on the epistemology of intentional action (and some related issues). I take both a social and an intellectual interest in issues about polarisation, motivated reasoning, etc., so I find it stimulating to follow the work of our researchers, and try to contribute in small and occasional ways to the project's interdisciplinary discussion about knowledge.

Lately I've been conducting interviews with the project's researchers, which you may read below.

Have a look at my website at

Selected Publications

Stathopoulos, A. (2016a). Acting and understanding [Thesis, University of St Andrews].
Stathopoulos, A. (2016b). Knowing Achievements. Philosophy, 91(3), 361–374.
Stathopoulos, A. (2021a, September 9). Interview with Małgorzata Kossowska [Knowledge Resistance].
Stathopoulos, A. (2021b, November 25). Interview with Roderik Rekker [Knowledge Resistance].