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Researcher Profile

Armita Golkar

Department of Psychology
Stockholm University

Selected Publications

Lindström, B., Golkar, A., Jangard, S., Tobler, P. N., & Olsson, A. (2019). Social threat learning transfers to decision making in humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(10), 4732–4737.
Pan, Y., Olsson, A., & Golkar, A. (2020). Social safety learning: Shared safety abolishes the recovery of learned threat. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 135, 103733.
Undeger, I., Visser, R. M., Becker, N., de Boer, L., Golkar, A., & Olsson, A. (2021). Model-based representational similarity analysis of blood-oxygen-level-dependent fMRI captures threat learning in social interactions. Royal Society Open Science, 8(11), 202116.