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Researcher Profile

Åsa Wikforss

Program Leader
Professor of Theoretical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Stockholm University

Åsa Wikforss is professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University with a PhD from Columbia University, New York. She does research in the intersection of philosophy of mind, language, and epistemology and has published widely in this area. She is a member of several international research networks and research councils, and was recently elected a member of the Royal Academy of Science, as well as the Swedish Academy.
She participates frequently in the public debate in Sweden, often appearing in the media, and is rapidly gaining recognition as a public intellectual in the wider European context.
In 2017 she published a popular book on the topic of knowledge resistance, ‘Alternativa fakta. Om kunskapen och dess fiender’. The book has been translated into over ten languages. Her most current book is the 2021 'Därför demokrati. Om kunskapen och folkstyret'. It deals with the role of knowledge in democracy, and topics related to polarization and knowledge resistance.

Selected Publications

Glüer, K., & Wikforss, Å. (2018). Reasons for Belief and Normativity (D. Star, Ed.; Vol. 1). Oxford University Press.
Glüer, K., Wikforss, Å., & Bergamaschi, M. (2022). The Normativity of Meaning and Content.
Strömbäck, J., & Wikforss, Å. (Eds.). (2022). Knowledge resistance in high-choice information environments (1 Edition). Routledge.
Wikforss, Å. (2017a). Alternativa fakta: Om kunskapen och dess fiender. Fri tanke.
Wikforss, Å. (2017b). Incomplete Understanding of Concepts (Vol. 1). Oxford University Press.
Wikforss, Å. (2019). Critical thinking in the post-truth era. In P. Kendeou, D. H. Robinson, & M. T. McCrudden (Eds.), Misinformation and Fake News in Education. IAP.
Wikforss, Å., & Wikforss, M. (2021). Därför demokrati: Om kunskapen och folkstyret. Fri Tanke.