Researcher Profile

Jesper Strömbäck

Principal Investigator - WP IV
Professor of Journalism and Political Communication
The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication
Gothenburg University

Jesper Strömbäck is professor in journalism and political communication at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg. He is a former Chair of the Political Communication Division within the International Communication Association and Associate Editor of Political Communication. He has published widely on topics related to political news coverage, the mediatization of politics, media use, public opinion, and media effects.

Selected Publications

Shehata, Adam & Strömbäck, Jesper (2018). Learning Political News From Social Media: Network Media Logic and Current Affairs News Learning in a High-Choice Media Environment. Communication Research, online early.
Strömbäck, Jesper & Shehata, Adam (2018). The Reciprocal Effects Between Political Interest and TV News Revisited: Evidence From Four Panel Surveys. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, online early.
Van Aelst, Peter, Strömbäck, Jesper, Aalberg, Toril, Esser, Frank, de Vreese, Claes, Matthes, Jörg, Hoppman, David, Salgado, Susana, Hubé, Nicolas, Stepinska, Agnieszka, Papathanassopoulos, Stylianos, Berganza, Rosa, Legnante, Guido, Reinemann, Carsten, Sheafer, Tamir & Stanyer, James (2017). Political Communication in a high-choice media environment: A challenge for democracy? Annals of the International Communication Association, 41(1), 3–27.