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Researcher Profile

Levi Spectre

Senior Lecturer
Department of History, Philosophy, and Judiac studies
The Open University of Israel

Born in Ashkelon, Israel, where he trained in avoiding school, perfecting this skill at the Experimental high-school in Jerusalem. Owned and managed a company in agricultural harvesting, studied at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (BA, and MA studies) and defended his PhD thesis at the Philosophy Department of Stockholm University in late 2009. He taught philosophy at high-school, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (during his MA studies), and at Stockholm University during and after his PhD studies, and since 2010 is a senior faculty member at The Department of History, Philosophy, and Judaic Studies at the Open University of Israel. He received his Senior Lectureship there in 2016. His research is focused on rational belief and knowledge and related epistemological subjects, informed by formal probabilistic (Bayesian) methodologies.

Readily available for advice on wheat, evidence, and surviving four children.

Selected Publications

Enoch, D., & Spectre, L. (2019). Sensitivity, Safety, and the Law: A Reply to Pardo. Legal Theory, 25(3), 178–199.
Enoch, D., & Spectre, L. (2021). Statistical resentment, or: What’s wrong with acting, blaming, and believing on the basis of statistics alone. Synthese.
Nissan-Rozen, I., & Spectre, L. (2019). A pragmatic argument against equal weighting. Synthese, 196(10), 4211–4227.
Pitcovski, E., & Spectre, L. (2020). If you don’t know that you know, you could be surprised. Noûs, nous.12343.
Rothschild, D., & Spectre, L. (2018). At the threshold of knowledge. Philosophical Studies, 175(2), 449–460.