Researcher Profile

Nora Theorin

Associate Researcher
Department of Political Science
University of Gothenburg
Nora Theorin is an associate researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. Moreover, Nora is a PhD candidate at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg. She will defend her thesis titled: Us Versus Them and the Role of the Media. The Influence of Media on Attitudes Toward Migration in Europe in the fall of 2021. Nora’s research interests include public opinion formation, media effects, and migration.

Selected publications

  • Theorin, N. (2019). Maintainers of ethnic hierarchies? Investigating the relationship between media use and attitudes toward perceived remote versus perceived close immigration, Mass Communication and Society, 22(6), 827–850.
  • Theorin, N., & Strömbäck, J. (2020). Some media matter more than others: Investigating media effects on attitudes toward and perceptions of immigration in Sweden, International Migration Review, 54(4), 1238–1264.
  • Theorin, N., Meltzer, C. E., Galyga, S., Strömbäck, J., Schemer, C., Lind, F., Eberl, J-M., Heidenreich, J., & Boomgaarden, H. G. (2021). Does news frame affect free movement attitudes? A comparative analysis. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.
  • Theorin, N. (2021). How news frames affect immigration attitudes: Perceptions and emotions as underpinning mechanisms? In J. Strömbäck, C. E. Meltzer, J-M. Eberl, C. Schemer, & H. Boomgaarden (Eds.), Media and public attitudes toward migration in Europe. A comparative approach (pp. 190–208). Routledge