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Researcher Profile

Peter Pagin

Professor of Theoretical Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Stockholm University
Peter Pagin has mainly worked in the philosophy of language, but also in borderline areas to several other disciplines, including philosophy of logic, formal semantics, and philosophy of mind. Main topics include semantic compositionality, semantic holism, vagueness, belief contexts and modal contexts, semantic complexity, the semantic-pragmatic interface, and communicative success. Together with Kathrin Glüer and Dag Westerståhl he has worked on developing Switcher Semantics, and general framework for semantics that allows a linguistic context to influence the choice of semantic function. He has also written extensively on assertion, which is the line of work most directly relevant to the Knowledge Resistance project.

Selected Publications

Pagin, P. (2014). Pragmatic enrichment as coherence raising. Philosophical Studies, 168(1), 59–100.
Pagin, P. (2016). Problems with Norms of Assertion. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 93(1), 178–207.
Pagin, P. (2020). The Indicativity View. In S. Goldberg (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Assertion (pp. 118–137). Oxford University Press.